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Australian Natural Drinks Achieves a 73% ROAS Improvement and 22% Revenue Surge Partnering with Blue Sense Digital

In just 15 months, Blue Sense Digital increased Australian Natural Drinks’ ROAS by 73% and boosted revenue by 22% through optimized campaigns.

Executive Summary

Australian Natural Drinks, rooted in Australia’s beverage industry, creates health-conscious non-alcoholic drinks, emphasizing traditional flavours like Sarsaparilla and Ginger Beer. 

Despite their unique offerings, they grappled with fragmented marketing campaigns and scalability issues. They made multiple internal attempts, tweaking ad strategies and campaign objectives, yet results remained elusive. 

When they teamed up with us at Blue Sense Digital, we streamlined their campaign approach, enhanced ad optimization, and employed data-driven strategies. 

Since our collaboration began in May 2022, Australian Natural Drinks has witnessed considerable growth and superior marketing outcomes.


Despite their authentic offerings and unique positioning in the health-conscious beverage market, Australian Natural Drinks faced hurdles in their marketing efforts that stifled their potential growth and optimal online presence.

Key Problems They Encountered:

  • Fragmented and Outdated Campaigns: Their existing ad campaigns were inefficient, leading to excessive spending without yielding the desired results.
  • Scalability Concerns: The structure of their current ad accounts limited their potential for growth and expansion in the market.
  • Campaign Optimization Gaps: Certain advertisements didn’t resonate or connect well with their intended target audience, reducing their effectiveness and ROI.


Recognizing these challenges, the Blue Sense Digital team undertook a holistic approach to rejuvenate their marketing strategies and enhance their digital presence.

Actions Undertaken by Blue Sense Digital:

  • Campaign Strategy Refinement: We consolidated multiple sales campaigns into a few key ones, simplifying campaign-level optimization and making it more efficient.
  • Ad Optimization: We tailored advertisements to align more closely with product categories. By leveraging insights from the industry and competitors, we were able to improve the resonance and relevance of their ads.
  • Innovative Campaigns: Through rigorous testing and close collaboration with industry experts, we launched fresh campaigns and embedded best marketing practices to ensure the brand’s message was potent and effective.

Cross-Platform Strategy: We integrated strategies across two major platforms, Google and Meta. This ensured that strategies on one platform complemented those on the other, leading to more harmonious results and maximized outcomes.

🚀 Results

Following our strategic interventions, Australian Natural Drinks experienced a remarkable transformation in their digital marketing results. Not only did they witness a surge in their overall revenue and ROAS, but our analysis and strategies also amplified their online presence and profitability.

Key Outcomes Delivered by Blue Sense Digital:

  • Significant Revenue Growth: Australian Natural Drinks enjoyed a substantial 22% boost in their total revenue.
  • Dramatic ROAS Improvement: Their return on ad spend soared, witnessing an overall increase of 73%, a testament to the efficacy of the revamped campaigns.
  • Facebook Metrics Enhancement: The conversion value on Facebook rose by 66%, while costs reduced by 18%, driving a 101% increase in ROAS on the platform.
  • Google Metrics Progress: The brand experienced a 53% rise in ROAS, while their conversion value skyrocketed by 287%.
  • Shopify Platform Growth: Metrics on Shopify reflected the success of our strategies with a 22% increase in revenue, 12% in total orders, and a notable 72% growth in site sessions.
  • Decrease in Costs: Alongside the revenue and conversion benefits, the average cost per lead dropped significantly, showcasing the efficiency of the implemented strategies.

Australian Natural Drinks was particularly pleased with the 22% jump in revenue and the overall boost in their online marketing game.


Date Range : 
16/05/2022 - 13/08/2023
Ad Spend : 
Increase in Conversions : 
Geographic Location : 
Average Cost per Lead : 
$37.34 (down from $66.10)
Generated Revenue : 
Facebook Metrics (since working with us)
  • Conversion Value
$59,630 (up 66% from $36,025.7)
  • Ad Cost
$16,617.14 (down from $20,246.21)
  • ROAS
3.59 (up 101% from 1.78)
  • CPC
$1.82 (down from $1.86)
  • CTR
4.04% (up from 3.3%)
Google Metrics (since working with us)
  • ROAS
2.67 (up 53%)
  • Ad Cost
  • Conversion Value
$60.5k (up 287%)
Shopify Metrics (since working with us)
  • Total Revenue
Up 22%
  • Total Orders
Up 12%
  • Site Sessions
Up 72%
  • Average Order Value
Up 8%
  • Returning Customer Rate
Up 9%



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