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Bio-First Achieves 173% Revenue Growth in Australia with BSD’s Strategic Campaigns

In less than a year, Blue Sense Digital dramatically boosted Bio-First’s conversions in both Australia and the US through tailored PPC campaigns.

Executive Summary

Bio-First is a natural health remedies company specializing in treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, as well as offering daily immune support products. 

When we first partnered with them, they were still in the early stages of product launch and faced the challenge of scaling their campaigns from scratch, with a particular focus on breaking into the U.S. market. They had previously tried various strategies in both Google and Meta platforms, but none yielded the results they were looking for. 

When they reached out to Blue Sense Digital, we immediately consolidated their campaigns and put a heavy focus on strategic testing to gather meaningful data. Since the partnership began in October 2022, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in both Australian and U.S. markets, with significant increases in both advertising spend and ROI.


As they approached the launch of their final products in both the skincare and immune support ranges, Bio-First faced navigating unfamiliar territory. Initiating new campaigns required building from scratch, understanding the landscape, and learning on the go.

Here were some of the specific hurdles:

  • Product Launching: Wrapping up the introduction of the final products in their skincare and immune support lines.
  • Green Accounts: Setting up promotional efforts had to begin without the benefit of existing data, presenting a challenge in crafting effective campaigns from the outset.
  • Finding the Right Campaign Structure: The objective was to pinpoint product-specific campaigns that could be aggressively scaled, ensuring a breakeven or slightly profitable ROAS.
  • U.S. Market Expansion: Despite ambitions to tap into the American market, they had yet to achieve the desired traction.


Recognizing Bio-First’s challenges, the Blue Sense Digital team set out to craft tailored strategies that would not only address immediate concerns but also lay the groundwork for sustainable growth. By consolidating campaign efforts and emphasizing extensive testing, the goal was to refine and scale campaigns that delivered results.

Here’s a breakdown of the solutions implemented:

  • Google Campaign Consolidation: All campaigns were streamlined into a single, comprehensive Performance Max Campaign and a Brand Search Campaign, ensuring a healthy spend-to-asset ratio for optimization efficiency.
    • Product-Specific Asset Groups: Given Bio-First’s compact product range, we were able to craft asset groups around each product, facilitating relevant retargeting within the PMax campaign.
    • Product Exclusion based on Performance: Non-performing products were excluded from the PMax campaign, ensuring spend efficiency.
  • Extensive Testing on Meta: Initially, about 80% of Meta advertising spend was directed towards testing—spanning campaign structures, interest targeting, creative and copy testing, among other elements.
    • Shift from Testing to Scaling: As trends and structures that performed well were identified, the focus transitioned from testing to scaling these structures, leading to increased sales volume.
  • Aggressive Scaling: Over the past 30 days, there was a concerted push in scaling spend in both the USA and Australia, leading to remarkable outcomes.

🚀 Results

Bio-First experienced a remarkable turnaround, notably in their market expansion efforts and return on advertising spend. The strategic solutions put in place drove tangible outcomes, boosting both the AU and US markets’ performance metrics significantly.

Here’s a summary of the results:

  • Timeline: The implementation of solutions and strategies began in October 2022 and continues to drive results.
  • Australia Performance:
  • Advertising Spend: A significant 69% increase in total advertising spend, reaching up to 107k.
  • ROAS Improvement: Not only did they maintain ROAS, but they also experienced a 146% increase, achieving a rate of 1.72.
  • Backend Revenue Surge: A remarkable 173% increase in backend revenue, reaching up to 257k.
  • U.S. Performance:
  • Advertising Spend: In the last 60 days, there was a 107% increase in total advertising spend, amounting to US$10k.
  • ROAS Growth: A notable growth of 244% in ROAS, reaching a rate of 1.19.
  • Backend Revenue Enhancement: A 49% increase in backend revenue, rising to 13k.


Visual Proof: Performance Over Time

Here’s a look at Bio-First’s backend revenue before and after working with us.

Total Sales in Australia Before and After BSD Partnership

Backend Revenue in Australia: The solid line shows revenue after partnering with Blue Sense Digital, and the dotted line shows the earlier performance.


Total Sales in the US Before and After BSD Partnership

Backend Revenue in the USA: The solid line represents earnings after our collaboration, while the dotted line indicates revenue before our involvement.


Our work is best reflected in the words of our clients. Bio-First shared their experience working with us:


Date Range : 
Partnership from October 2022 to present.
Ad Spend : 
Increase of 69% in Australia and 107% in the USA.
Conversions : 
Notable growth with ROAS of 1.72 in Australia and 1.19 in the USA.
Geographic Location : 
Gains in both Australian and U.S. markets.
Revenue Growth : 
173% revenue growth in Australia and 49% in the USA.



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