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BrightEyes Achieves 18.6% Revenue Boost with Blue Sense Digital

In less than a year, Blue Sense Digital enhanced BrightEyes’ online ads, leading to more sales and higher revenue.

Executive Summary

BrightEyes is a renowned Australian sunglasses retailer, boasting over 30 locations nationwide. Despite their strong presence in the Australian market, they truggled to grow their online sales. 

Even after trying different online ad strategies, they couldn’t get the results they wanted. When they teamed up with Blue Sense Digital, we quickly reshaped their ad campaigns to match what they needed, especially on Meta. 

Since May 2023, our changes have helped them tackle their problems and see real growth.


Scaling revenue through digital marketing proved to be a major hurdle for BrightEyes. Their digital strategies, although extensive, were falling short of driving profitable growth. These challenges were exacerbated by ad account limitations and issues with product approvals in the Google Merchant Centre.

  • Massive Online Inventory with Limited Scalability: Despite having over 6,000 products online, they struggled to scale revenue from paid media channels profitably.
  • Limitations in Ad Account: The use of tROAS and incorrect product grouping curtailed scalability options. Their ambitious ROAS goals added to the complexity.
  • Product Approval Issues in GMC: A staggering 90% of their products faced approval issues in the Google Merchant Centre due to the choice of MPNs over GTINs.
  • Focus on Wrong Products: Campaigns often prioritized the sale of hats and thongs, overshadowing the primary focus: sunglasses.


In response to BrightEyes’ challenges, the team at Blue Sense Digital developed a comprehensive strategy, looking beyond just expanding platform reach. 

We focused on rebuilding campaigns from the ground up, ensuring that every step was aligned with their business objectives and geared towards the products they wanted to be recognized for.

  • Rebuilding Campaigns with Clear Focus: We created a new PMAX (Performance Max) campaign in Google Ads that effectively separated Hats, Thongs, and Sunglasses into distinct asset groups. This emphasized premium products, such as Ray-Ban and other high-end designer items.
  • Redesigning Meta Strategy: The previous notion that Facebook/Meta wasn’t profitable for BrightEyes was debunked. We revamped their strategy on Meta to align with their core business objectives of achieving 8x ROAS and boosting sunglasses sales in mind.
  • Retargeting Campaigns: Introduced a retargeting campaign on Facebook/Meta, keeping the main business goals at the forefront.
  • Cold Audience Targeting: Initiated campaigns on Meta/Facebook to engage users who might be interested in designer wear, thus expanding the brand’s reach.

Communication and Collaboration: Ensured transparency with BrightEyes about the GMC product approval challenges. We set expectations and kept them informed with daily communications, weekly updates, and a detailed roadmap to track our progress.

🚀 Results

Our tailored strategies delivered tangible results for BrightEyes. In a matter of months, not only did they experience a noticeable increase in their quarterly revenue, but they also saw improved conversion rates and ROAS, reaffirming our approach and cementing a successful partnership.

  • Increased Revenue: Quarterly revenue surged by 18.6% from Google Ads and by a whopping 100% from Meta, resulting in a combined growth from $182k to $237k.
  • Higher Conversion Rate: By directing traffic of higher quality and adjusting the limitations on Google Ads, we enhanced the online store conversion rate by 3%, from 4.40% to 4.57%.
  • Boosted ROAS: Our optimization techniques led to a 2.80% rise in ROAS on Google Ads, moving from 10.74 to 11.20.
  • Sales Uptick: Sales on Google Ads saw a boost of 20%, marking a growth from 1.22k to 1.35k.
  • Impressive Scalability: For BrightEyes, one of the standout achievements was the newfound scalability options. They could now explore more investment opportunities in Meta platforms without compromising on their ROAS objectives.

Visual Insights

A picture speaks a thousand words. Our dashboards mostly show green, meaning we’re on the right track. There’s a rise in CPA, showing we’re targeting more valuable traffic, helping BrightEyes get better sales and conversions.


  • Dashboard 1 – Purchases and ROAS: See the data on purchases, ROAS, CPA, and their changes over time.
  • Dashboard 2 – Revenue and Spend: Look at how revenue, CVR, and spend have trended.
  • Dashboard 3 – Clicks and Impression Share: Check out how user engagement, with metrics on clicks and impressions, has performed.


“The sales over the weekend looked really positive! Joey and the team at Blue Sense Digital have truly made a difference.”

— BrightEyes Team


Date Range : 
25/09/2022 - 31/07/2023
Ad Spend : 
Revenue from Advertising : 
$237k (an 18.6% increase)
  • Google Ads
20% growth in sales (From 1.22k to 1.35k)
  • Meta Ads
Contributed to $10k of the revenue
Geographic Location : 
Average Order Value (AOV) : 
$168 (a 12.75% increase from the previous quarter's $149)
Conversion Rate (CVR) on Google Ads : 
Grew by 3% (From 4.40% to 4.57%)
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Google Ads
Increased by 2.80% (From 10.74 to 11.20)



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