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EnviroBug Achieves 1,178% Revenue Growth with Blue Sense Digital

Within a year, Blue Sense Digital transformed EnviroBug's online presence: skyrocketing website traffic, refining PPC strategies, and boosting conversions for unprecedented revenue growth.

Executive Summary

EnviroBug is Australia’s leading online store in the eco-friendly pest control industry, offering environmentally safe and non-toxic solutions suitable for households, farms, and smallholdings.

In the early months of 2022, EnviroBug grappled with a drastic decline in sales, low conversion rates, dwindling website traffic, and a subdued market presence. They experimented with various strategies but still found themselves facing the looming threat of repeating the previous year’s challenges.

Upon reaching out to Blue Sense Digital, we swiftly initiated a multi-pronged approach, focusing on social media marketing campaigns, optimization of PPC campaign structures, and enhancing the user experience of their website. The results were transformative: in under a year, EnviroBug witnessed a staggering 1,178% growth in revenue, backed by improved conversion rates and significantly increased website traffic.


During the early months of 2022, EnviroBug faced a series of challenges that threatened its prominent standing in the Australian market. These difficulties not only hindered the brand’s growth but also sparked concerns about the possibility of reliving the same challenges in 2023.

Main Challenges:

  • Dwindling Online Store Traffic: Despite being a leader in their industry, EnviroBug’s online presence waned, with significantly fewer visitors accessing their website. This downturn was attributed to their invisibility in search engine results, lacklustre marketing campaigns, and a generally weak online presence.
  • Low Conversion Rates: Even the visitors who did access the site weren’t converting into customers. The existing website design, ad structure, and audience targeting weren’t effectively grabbing potential buyers’ attention.
  • Decline in Sales: Approaching the winter months, which are traditionally slower for the business, the company found itself grappling with insufficient sales. Factors contributing to this decline included ineffective brand positioning, poorly strategized marketing, and weak ad targeting.
  • Weak Market Positioning: Despite its established history, EnviroBug struggled to firmly plant its brand in the Australian market. The lack of brand positioning, limited marketing campaigns, and inadequate audience engagement were significant culprits.


In response to the challenges encountered by EnviroBug, a comprehensive strategy was devised, targeting the specific pain points that were halting the company’s growth. Through the implementation of these solutions, EnviroBug aimed to not only mitigate the negative trends but also to revitalize its standing in the Australian market.

  • Social Media Campaigns: Recognizing the power of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, targeted social media marketing campaigns were initiated. These campaigns were tailored to reach a broader yet relevant audience, intending to increase website traffic and bolster brand awareness.
  • Refining PPC Campaigns: The pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns underwent a complete overhaul, with a focus on optimizing the structure and quality score. The strategy included refining keyword targeting, tweaking ad copy, focusing on specific products, and ensuring landing page relevance. This not only aimed at increasing click-through rates but also at reducing average costs per click.
  • Website Optimization: Emphasis was placed on enhancing the user experience on the EnviroBug website. Recommendations were provided to improve the upper half of the landing page, making it more conversion-friendly by highlighting unique selling points and relevant information.
  • Focused Ad Campaigns: Ad campaigns were developed with optimized headlines, descriptions, extensions, and images to enhance their overall strength. An improved ad copy was designed to be more appealing, increasing click-through rates and showcasing relevant information. A universal negative keyword list was also introduced to prevent ranking for irrelevant terms.
  • Engaging Content for Social Media: Engaging content with compelling calls to action was developed and pushed through targeted social media campaigns. By continuously monitoring, adjusting, and testing new creative content, the campaigns were optimized to achieve their maximum potential.

Website Review and Implementation: A detailed assessment of the EnviroBug website identified areas in need of improvement. The upper half of the landing page received special attention, emphasizing unique selling points to enhance conversion rates. All these recommendations were then seamlessly integrated by the web development team, ensuring the website was primed for optimal performance.

🚀 Results

After we applied our solutions, EnviroBug saw big improvements in their business. Here’s a summary of how they did:

  • Big Revenue Jump: EnviroBug experienced a massive 1,178% increase in revenue.
  • More Website Visits: 630% increase in website traffic.
  • Better Conversions: Conversions were increased by 129%.
  • Strong Brand Growth: EnviroBug became a lot more popular in Australia, with its brand presence growing by 795%.
  • Lots of Engagements: Over 24,000 sessions showed that many people were interacting with the brand.

In the end, the strategies we implemented for EnviroBug made a big difference. The improvements in revenue, website traffic, and brand growth are clear signs of our approach’s effectiveness. With the right solutions and dedication, any business can overcome its challenges and reach new heights of success. EnviroBug’s transformation stands as a testament to that.


Date Range : 
First quarter of 2023
Conversions : 
129% increase in conversion rate
Geographic Location : 
Increase in Sales : 
1,178% growth in revenue
Increase in Traffic : 
630% surge in website traffic
Brand Presence Growth : 
795% increase, resulting in over 24,000 sessions
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) : 
Sitting at a 9



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