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Glamswag Achieved a 44% Boost in Monthly Revenue with Blue Sense Digital

In less than a year, Blue Sense Digital helped Glamswag boost conversions and increase revenue by refining their digital marketing strategy.

Executive Summary

Glamswag is an Australian-based e-commerce brand in the outdoor furniture industry. They specialize in a unique product: a luxurious, feather-filled rollup bed suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Despite a strong social media presence with over 100,000 Instagram followers, Glamswag struggled to scale their revenue due to inefficient advertising. Their previous partnership with a marketing agency failed to yield positive results, further impacting their profits.

Upon partnering with Blue Sense Digital, we immediately took action. We separated brand search from all other Google campaigns to pinpoint the genuine revenue streams. Recognizing the product’s uniqueness, we shifted our primary focus to Meta advertising.

Implementing this revised strategy, and scaling on Meta using our standard procedures, resulted in tangible success. In less than a year, Glamswag saw a 44% surge in revenue, setting new company records.


Faced with significant obstacles in translating their online popularity into tangible revenue growth, there was a lot of work for the Blue Sense Digital team to do. Their core challenges stemmed from inefficient digital marketing strategies.

  • Unable to scale revenue through digital marketing despite a strong Instagram following of over 100,000.
  • Poor advertising practices impeding revenue growth.
  • Challenges in product development and hiring due to stagnant revenue.
  • Previous marketing agency’s failure to increase revenue month-over-month, further depleted profits with added advertising fees.


Recognizing Glamswag’s potential and the challenges they faced with their previous digital marketing efforts, Blue Sense Digital stepped in with a targeted strategy to transform their online advertising and scale their revenue.

  • Separated brand search from all other Google campaigns, allowing for a clearer analysis of genuine revenue streams.
  • Identified that traditional search & shopping ads were not effective due to the product’s unique nature.
  • Shifted the primary focus to Meta advertising, which was more suited to the brand’s offerings.
  • Initiated split-testing of various audiences, creative designs, and copy styles to determine high-converting ad set combinations.
  • Successfully scaled campaigns while maintaining a steady Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
  • Achieved revenue figures 15% higher within three months and 40% higher compared to the same time period in the previous year.

🚀 Results

Total Sales Visualization

This graph offers a visual representation of Glamswag’s revenue journey over time, comparing two distinct periods for clarity.

  • Solid Line: Represents the revenue achieved with Blue Sense Digital’s interventions during the given date range.
  • Gradient Line: Demonstrates the revenue figures for the same period in the previous year, offering a comparative view of the growth achieved.


We love getting feedback from our happy clients, and Glamswag team was delighted with our work. Here’s what they had to say about their experience with Blue Sense Digital:

“Amazing!!! I can’t speak highly enough of these guys, 5 stars just isn’t enough. After 3 months the results we’ve seen have been outstanding. As well as generating a ROAS of x15 Blue Sense Digital’s communication is refreshing. The weekly videos are informative and, even to a luddite like me, easy to understand. Like many e-commerce businesses we’ve tried a couple of digital marketing companies but none has come anywhere near Blue Sense. We are VERY glad we found them. To quote Molly: ‘Do yourself a favour!'”

– [name], [title], Glamswag


Date range : 
25/09/2022 - 31/07/2023
Ad Spend : 
Revenue from advertising : 
$895,250 (an increase of 213%)
Geographic location : 
Australia & USA
Average Order Value (AOV) : 
$398 (a rise of 20%)
Conversion Rate (CVR) : 
Increased by 24%
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) : 
Increased by 58.7%, reaching a figure of 8.61, up from 3.62



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