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Granite Lane Achieves a 60% Sales Boost with Blue Sense Digital

In just 12 months, Blue Sense Digital helped Granite Lane boost conversions and increase revenue by fine-tuning their advertising strategy.

Executive Summary

Granite Lane operates within the bustling domain of homeware and furniture, setting itself apart with a vast assortment of products, from elegant bed frames and vases to Australia’s finest mirror collection. 

In their journey to establish a dominant market presence, especially for their uniquely designed studio mirrors, Granite Lane faced challenges with their Google and Facebook advertising campaigns. 

Their efforts were being stifled by suboptimal PPC campaign setups and struggles with targeting that led to an influx of low-quality website traffic. Upon partnering with Blue Sense Digital, we immediately got to work rectifying these issues. 

We revamped their advertising strategy, emphasizing precision targeting, campaign restructuring, and optimization across platforms. Within a year, this meticulous approach bore fruit, resulting in significant improvements in conversion rates, a surge in store revenue, and an established strong foothold for Granite Lane in the Australian mirror market.


While Granite Lane has maintained a strong presence in the home and furniture industry, a detailed evaluation of their ad accounts revealed certain bottlenecks:

Campaign & Ad Optimization Challenges:

  • Suboptimal Optimization: Existing campaigns and ads weren’t fully optimized, resulting in reduced effectiveness, poorer ad rankings, and higher costs.
  • Character Limit Constraints: The existing ad copy did not adequately utilize Google Ads’ character limits, leading to weakened ad strength and a competitive disadvantage.
  • Keyword Mismatches: There were discrepancies between targeted keywords and campaign headlines, which likely confused potential customers and reduced overall ad performance.

Issues with Meta Structure and Targeting:

  • Lack of Audience Segmentation: The absence of segmentation into warm and cold audience categories meant that data became harder to interpret and act upon.
  • Struggles with Scalability: Without distinct audience segments, the campaigns were unable to effectively scale and cater to specific audience needs.
  • Missed Growth Opportunities: The current structure did not allow for targeting optimization based on audience engagement.

Ad Account Setup & Scalability Concerns:

  • Data Segmentation Gaps: The ad account lacked clear data segmentation which hindered performance analysis and scalability.
  • Disrupted Targeting: Inconsistent messaging across campaigns disrupted potential customer engagement.
  • Barrier to Leadership: The above challenges posed a significant threat to Granite Lane’s aspirations to lead the mirror market in Australia.

Quality of Web Traffic:

  • Quantity over Quality: Despite high website traffic, a significant portion was of low quality leading to reduced conversions.
  • Conversion Potential: The inferior quality of the traffic strained the conversion potential, thereby affecting overall sales.


We built a comprehensive strategy to address Granite Lane’s challenges, starting with enhancing their advertising performance, refining the quality of website traffic, and establishing them as an influential brand in the industry. The primary objective was to amplify mirror sales, solidifying Granite Lane’s position in the market.

Key Actions Taken:

  1. Revamped Campaign Structure:
  • Comprehensive restructuring based on insights from the world of paid advertising.
  • Crafted new campaigns using prior account data to maintain targeting continuity.
  • Achieved a 15% decrease in the cost per conversion for Google and elevated the Google ROAS to 81%.
  1. Optimizing Assets:
  • Ensured ad copy complied with policy requirements, enhancing ad strength and quality scores.
  • Achieved a 35% reduction in Avg CPC through a holistic optimization approach.
  • Boosted Click-Through Rates by 21% through improved asset optimization.
  1. Strategic Segmentation and Targeting Precision:
  • Implemented precise audience segmentation, leading to a deeper understanding of the ideal target demographic.
  • The strategy resulted in a 60% surge in sales and a 29% increase in conversion rates.
  • Boosted order volumes by 6% due to high-quality traffic direction.
  1. Leveraging Meta:
  • Consolidated accounts to target warm audiences as a foundation.
  • Transitioned to cold targeting, achieving precise audience segmentation and targeted offers.
  • Attained an impressive 21% increase in returning customer rates.
  1. Elevating Foot Traffic:
  • Launched a lead generation campaign to boost in-person customer engagement.
  • Successfully bridged the online-to-offline engagement gap, resulting in increased foot traffic to physical stores.


Date Range : 
5 August 2022 - 5 August 2023
Ad Spend : 
Conversions : 
2,937 6% increase
Geographic Location : 
Average Cost Per Lead : 
$56.47 - 26% decrease
Average Order Value : 
$875.46 - 13% increase
Conversion Rate : 
0.87% = 29% increase
Store Revenue : 
60% increase



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