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Hemley Skateboarding Achieves 208% Revenue Growth with Blue Sense Digital

In just five months, Blue Sense Digital aided Hemley Skateboarding in dramatically amplifying conversions and surging revenue by refining their digital marketing approach.

Executive Summary

Hemley Skateboarding is a renowned brand in Australia’s skateboarding and streetwear industry. They offer an expansive range of skateboarding gear, apparel, and accessories.

Despite its strong reputation, Hemley faced significant digital marketing challenges:

  • Difficulty in scaling the account due to suboptimal Return On Ad Spend.
  • Unintentional global targeting.
  • Outdated campaign structure.

In attempts to rectify these issues, Hemley:

  • Migrated their shopping campaign to Google’s Performance Max.
  • Initiated sales.
  • Slashed their budget by 25%.
  • However, these measures failed to drive desired outcomes.

Upon their collaboration with Blue Sense Digital, we:

  • Restructured their campaigns.
  • Introduced geo-specific targeting.
  • Incorporated a cross-channel approach.

In just five months, our strategies and initiatives have exponentially optimized and scaled Hemley’s marketing endeavours.


Hemley Skateboarding grappled with different challenges that hindered its growth and efficiency. Here’s a detailed breakdown of these obstacles:

  • SuboptimalROAS: Their inability to scale the account was predominantly due to a suboptimal Return On Ad Spend.
  • UnintendedTargeting: A significant portion of the advertising budget (20-30%) was inadvertently directed towards global traffic from non-Australian regions, which did not yield high returns.
  • OutdatedCampaignStructure: Hemley had an outdated single Performance Max campaign structure, which was merely an upgrade from their previous Smart Shopping campaign. This structure lacked several critical assets.
  • MissedOpportunities: Hemley did not leverage the potential of cross-channel strategies, especially on platforms like Meta, leaving a massive scope of potential audience untapped.


When Hemley Skateboarding approached Blue Sense Digital, they had tried several solutions that didn’t deliver the expected outcomes. In response, we implemented a set of comprehensive strategies to address their concerns. Here’s what was done:

  • MigratingtoPerformanceMax: Hemley attempted to shift their shopping campaign to Google’s Performance Max.
  • SalesInitiatives: They initiated sales, though it had minimal impact on their ROAS.
  • BudgetReduction: Hemley cut down their advertising budget by 25%, hoping for better results, but this move didn’t produce the desired effect.
  • RestructuredCampaigns: Modernized the campaign structure by rebuilding it, using insights from managing large-budget client accounts.
  • Geo-specificTargeting: We focused campaigns to exclusively target Australia, ensuring high-yielding traffic and better budget utilization.

Cross-ChannelApproach: Embracing the untapped potential of Meta, we rolled out multiple campaigns on the platform, ensuring they align with the strategies on Google for a unified marketing push.

🚀 Results

After collaborating with Blue Sense Digital for just five months, Hemley Skateboarding experienced remarkable improvements in their digital marketing outcomes. The strategic changes led to tangible growth in key performance metrics. Here’s an overview of the results delivered:

  • Duration of Implementation: The solutions were executed from March 15, 2023, until today.
  • Significant Conversion Uplift: We achieved a monumental 3X increase in conversion value for Hemley.
  • Improved ROAS: Return On Ad Spend more than doubled, showcasing a drastic enhancement in advertising efficiency.
  • Cost Efficiencies: Both Average CPCs and cost-per-conversion witnessed noticeable decreases, ensuring Hemley got better value for every dollar spent.
  • Standout Achievement: The most impressive outcome for Hemley was our ability to amplify the ROAS without increasing the budget, laying the groundwork for scalable, profitable growth.


Visual Insights

For a more tangible grasp of Hemley Skateboarding’s impactful journey with Blue Sense Digital, the following visuals depict key performance metrics before and after our intervention:

Time-Series Conversion Analysis from Google Ads

Comparing conversions, conversion value per cost, total cost, and conversion value from 27 Feb – 13 Aug 2023 to 12 Sep – 26 Feb 2023


Sales Performance Over Time

A comparative analysis of total sales from 27 Feb – 13 Aug 2023 to 12 Sep 2022 – 26 Feb 2023.


Website Traffic Trends

Online store session data comparison between 27 Feb – 13 Aug 2023 and 12 Sep 2022 – 26 Feb 2023.


Order Volume Analysis

Total orders comparison for the periods 27 Feb – 13 Aug 2023 and 12 Sep 2022 – 26 Feb 2023.


Meta Ad Campaign Performance

A detailed dashboard showcasing metrics like spend, click-through rates, conversion data, and more from Meta’s ad campaign.



At Blue Sense Digital, we value the feedback of our clients as it reflects our commitment and dedication. Here’s what Hemley Skateboarding had to say about our collaboration:

“We’ve only been in partnership with BSD for a few months and the results have far exceeded our expectations! Their efficiency, communication, and transparency is second to none. I highly recommend the company to any business looking at any sort of digital marketing and SEO. 10/10.”

– Jimmy Pemberton, [title], Hemley Skateboarding


Date range : 
27 Feb 2023 - 13 Aug 2023
Ad Spend : 
$12,851 (up 23%)
Conversions : 
1,245 (up 172%)
Geographic location : 
Average cost per lead : 
$10.78 (down 54%)



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