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How LOHY/Yeshair Achieved a 2,033% Revenue Surge with Blue Sense Digital

In a span of three months, Blue Sense Digital empowered LOHY/Yeshair to maximize their digital marketing ROI, leading to unprecedented revenue growth and optimized ad expenditure.

Executive Summary

LOHY/Yeshair, rooted in the beauty sector, crafts specialized hair products for girls with curly locks. Founded by the talented curl stylist, Jonina Menzies, the brand aimed to emulate salon-standard results in the comfort of one’s home. Despite a solid customer base and consistent organic sales, they faced challenges in leveraging digital marketing to expand their reach. Efforts to amplify their online presence through increased Google ad spend and strategic Meta campaigns didn’t yield the expected outcomes.

Recognizing the need for expert intervention, they partnered with Blue Sense Digital. We swiftly developed a 90-day strategic plan tailored to their needs. This included optimizing Google ad campaigns, experimenting with different ad combinations to identify the most effective, and introducing retargeting campaigns to re-engage past visitors. 

From May to August 2023, this resulted in a marked increase in online revenue, showcasing the transformative power of refined digital marketing strategies.


LOHY/Yeshair had solid sales but faced issues when trying to grow using online ads. Their struggles included:

  • Digital Marketing: Trouble increasing sales from online marketing.
  • Facebook Ads: Spent $45,000 but got a low Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 0.20.
  • Google Ads: Spent $38,000, but only saw a ROAS of 1.88.

These issues showed they needed a better online ad strategy.


Addressing LOHY/Yeshair’s challenges, the Blue Sense Digital team rolled out a series of strategic solutions aimed at optimizing their online ad strategy and bolstering their digital revenue.

What LOHY/Yeshair Tried

  • Scaling on Google: Increased their advertising spend by 60% over three months, which led to a 40% drop in ROAS.
  • Segmenting on Meta: Divided Top-of-funnel (TOF) and middle-of-funnel (MOF) customers, achieving a 0.30 ROAS.
  • Targeting Video Views on Meta: Managed to achieve a ROAS of 1.32.

Actions by Blue Sense Digital

  • Brand Search Campaign: Built a campaign on Google to separate warm traffic.
  • Performance Max Campaign: Created with three asset groups to collect conversion data.
  • Optimize for Conversion Value: Enhanced the performance max campaign to increase ROAS.
  • Cold Targeting: Launched a campaign testing various audiences, creatives, and ad copies to find the most effective combinations.
  • Retargeting Campaign: Designed to engage with the past 90-day website visitors, reducing Cost Per Mille (CPM) and elevating ROAS.

🚀 Results

Thanks to Blue Sense Digital, LOHY/Yeshair saw big improvements in their online ad results from May to August 2023. They went from ad challenges to great returns.

Delivered Results

    • Duration of Implementation: From 01/05/2023 to 01/08/2023.
  • Increased Revenue from Ads:
      • Meta: Revenue jumped by 1050%.
      • Google: Revenue rose by 40%.
  • Improved Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):
      • Meta: ROAS saw a staggering increase of 1,126%.
      • Google: ROAS improved by 300%.
  • Boosted Conversions:
      • Meta: Purchases shot up by 857%.
      • Google: Conversions went up by 120%.
  • Cost Efficiency:
    • Meta: Ad spend reduced by 5.6%.
    • Google: Spend decreased by 20%. 

LOHY/Yeshair especially liked our clear and regular communication, showing how much we value our clients.

Visual Insights

Here’s a look at the direct impact of our work on LOHY/Yeshair’s results.

The charts show the increase in Purchases and ROAS, along with Revenue & Spend from May to August 2023. 



“The Team at Blue Sense Digital are the real deal! They manage our Meta and Google ads. We love the open communication through the slack channel and the systematic approach to getting the best results from our campaigns. Can’t recommend them enough!”

— LOHY/Yeshair Team


Date Range : 
01/05/2023 - 01/08/2023
Ad Spend : 
Decreased by 0.7%, totalling $12,000
Conversions : 
Increased by 1,200%
Geographic Location : 
Australia (NSW South Coast)
Average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) : 
Now $8.05, down by 961%
Generated Revenue : 
$51,670, up by 2,033%
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) : 
Jumped by 2,047%



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