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Love Luggage’s Sales Soar by 33% with Blue Sense Digital’s Expertise

With precision PPC and Meta strategies, Love Luggage experienced a 33% sales spike in just 2.5 months with Blue Sense Digital

Executive Summary

Love Luggage is a premier travel brand based in Australia, known for their extensive range of suitcases, backpacks, and other travel gear. They proudly stock top global brands, and in a bustling travel market, they’ve become a trusted name for many.

However, they faced a significant challenge. Their digital advertising strategy, particularly on Google, wasn’t delivering the desired results. They were pouring funds into ineffective keywords and their ad structure wasn’t optimised for growth. To add to that, they hadn’t ventured into the promising terrain of the Meta platform yet.

That’s where Blue Sense Digital stepped in.

Recognising the gaps in Love Luggage’s strategy, we promptly revamped their Google Ads campaign, rectified the keyword mismatches, and introduced them to the world of Meta advertising. And the impact? Well, it speaks for itself. 

Within just 2.5 months, Love Luggage witnessed a 33% rise in sales and a commendable 20% uptick in-store visits.


Despite Superior Hair AU’s long-standing experience, they hit a rough patch with their Google Ads performance. Their main issue? An unsatisfactory return on investment from their advertising campaigns.

Specific problems they faced:

  • A disappointing account-wide ROAS of 2.22 over a 30-day period
  • ROAS falling significantly short of their break-even point of 5
  • PMax assets split by audience signals failed to deliver desired results
  • Standard search campaign generating a minimal ROAS of 0.38
  • Standard shopping campaign yielding a ROAS of only 1.64
  • Overpayment for branded search clicks by a staggering 10x factor


With these challenges in mind, Blue Sense Digital took a hands-on approach to overhaul their Google Ads performance. Our strategy was centred around a deep understanding of the brand’s valuable products and tailoring the campaigns to resonate with their target audience.

Specific actions we took:

  • Robust Asset Groups: Developed two robust asset groups dedicated to Superior Hair AU’s two primary product categories: ‘Ready to wear’ and ‘Semi-permanent extensions’
  • Audience Signal Stacks: Constructed full audience signal stacks without inter-audience testing, ensuring a laser-focused targeting strategy
  • Campaign Reallocation: Paused the underperforming Search and Shopping campaigns, reallocating the budget into the primary PMax campaign for better results
  • Bid Strategy Modification: Switched the branded campaign to a Target Impression Share (TIS) bid strategy. This strategic move dropped the average CPC from $1.57 to just $0.15. Even with a slight 20% drop in click volume, ROAS soared from 6.69 to a whopping 261 – a staggering 3,803% increase

Continuous Collaboration: Engaged in regular discussions to pinpoint products within the focused categories that could be paused due to low sales yet significant ad spend, ensuring efficiency

🚀 Results

After applying our solutions, Love Luggage saw major improvements in advertising and sales in just 2.5 months. Their key metrics got better, setting them up for long-term growth:


  • Revenue increased by 23%.
  • Maintained an impressive 11+ Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
  • Advertising budget scaled up by 40%.
  • Notable 20% increase in site traffic.
  • 29% increase in clicks within the Google ad account.
  • 2.5 million impressions generated with a 31% increase compared to the prior period.


  • Retargeting campaign successfully captured warm audiences at the bottom of the funnel achieving an excellent 13+ ROAS.
  • Cold targeting resulted in a 7.67 ROAS with impressive click-through rates (CTRs) of 2.61%, nearly 3 times the industry standard of 0.9%.

Overall Results:

  • Total store revenue increased by 33%.
  • Total orders saw a remarkable 32% increase.
  • Store traffic witnessed a substantial 20% increase.
  • Total sessions in Australia increased by 25%.

Visual Insights

Success isn’t complete without a visual example – dive into the visuals below to get a clearer picture of the progress we’ve made.

Total orders increased by 32% 

Orders’ Growth from May to Jul – Witness a 32% surge since BSD’s involvement

Total website traffic increased by 20%

Website Traffic Spike – A noticeable 20% hike from May to Jul

Increase in Google ad account performance 

Google Ads Boost – Demonstrating marked improvements in Conv. value, clicks, and impressions

Successful launch on Meta

Facebook Ads Momentum – Showcasing rising metrics from frequency to ROAS


Date range : 
18 May 2023 - 2 August 2023
Ad Spend : 
Conversions : 
2,789 - 32% increase when compared to the previous period
Google conversions : 
909 - 22% increase when compared to the previous period
Geographic location : 
Average cost per lead : 
Store traffic : 
50,144 - 20% increase when compared to the previous period



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