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Newlyfe Simply Living Achieves 4.4X Revenue Growth with Blue Sense Digital

Capitalising on domestic travel trends: How Blue Sense Digital helped Newlyfe Simply Living achieve a 4.4x increase in revenue and boost their ROAS to 7.28 in just six months.

Executive Summary

Newlyfe Simply Living is a well-known name in Australia’s textile industry, specialising in high-quality sand-free towels ideal for beaches, bathrooms, and multipurpose uses. 

However, when the travel industry faced the brunt of the pandemic and consumer spending patterns shifted, Newlyfe’s sales trajectory began to wane. They recognised the shift in Australians travelling more within their own state and tried tapping into this new travel trend. Yet, the desired results remained elusive. 

This is where our expertise at Blue Sense Digital came into play. By deepening our understanding of the caravan and camping surge within the Australian travel industry, we restructured and intensified their marketing campaigns, especially on platforms like Google and Facebook. 

The outcome? In just six months, Newlyfe saw its revenue increase 4.4x and achieved an impressive ROAS of 7.28.


The rapid growth and increasingly saturated market of the Sand Free Beach Towel industry put Newlyfe under significant pressure. Competing with established brands that had vast marketing resources, like Tesalate and Dock and Bay, was already a difficult task. 

But things became more challenging when Covid reared its head. Australians became more cautious about their spending, especially on non-essential items. Add to that the massive downturn in international travel, and it’s clear Newlyfe had its work cut out for it. 

While they had a dedicated fanbase thanks to their solid social media efforts, the challenge remained: how to reach and convert new customers?

Challenges Detailed:

  • Competitive Landscape: The Sand Free Beach Towel market was becoming increasingly crowded, making it harder for brands like Newlyfe to shine
  • Majors in Play: Industry players like Tesalate and Dock and Bay were investing heavily in marketing, and taking market share
  • Covid Economic Impact: The ripple effects of Covid meant people were more hesitant to spend on items deemed non-essential
  • Travel Woes: The dramatic decrease in international travel led to a drop in sales, as many of Newlyfe’s towels were traveller favourites
  • Reliance on Familiar Faces: Despite having a loyal following, Newlyfe needed to branch out and attract fresh faces to their brand
  • Challenges with Paid Ads: Aiming to capitalise on META and Google paid ads, Newlyfe was in search of the right strategy to amplify their reach


When the traditional routes weren’t cutting it, Newlyfe decided to pivot. They tapped into Australians’ changing travel habits and shifted focus to the thriving Caravan and Camping Industry. 

Recognising the uptick in domestic travel, Newlyfe saw an opportunity to stand out from competitors who were still targeting tropical vacationers. 

With BSD’s guidance, the brand executed precise, tailored campaigns on Facebook and Google, honing in on potential customers and providing them with what they were truly seeking in a travel towel.

Solutions Detailed:

  • Tapping into Local Travel Trends: Realising the potential in Aussies’ shift to domestic travel, Newlyfe aimed to be their go-to towel brand
  • Understanding Their Audience: By engaging with their patriotic customer base and understanding their needs, Newlyfe solidified its reputation in the caravan and camping community
  • Leveraging Paid Channels: Newlyfe partnered with BSD to use paid media channels effectively, reaching their ideal target audience
  • Facebook Strategies: BSD targeted interest groups related to caravanning and travel on Facebook, cycling through different ad versions and refining them based on results
  • Google Campaigns: BSD tackled Google by setting up a Brand Search campaign, designed to safeguard Newlyfe from competitors bidding on their name. Additionally, with the Performance Max campaign, BSD ensured that Newlyfe took full advantage of Google’s sophisticated algorithms
  • Regular Collaboration: Newlyfe and BSD kept lines of communication open, with meetings and detailed update videos to discuss results and strategise further

In partnering with BSD, Newlyfe not only found solutions but also saw their vision come to life in ways they hadn’t imagined before.

🚀 Results

Newlyfe’s collaboration with BSD resulted in remarkable growth, not just for ads, but for their company as a whole. They experienced growth in their online presence, revenue, conversion value, ROAS and overall revenue, to name a few.

Detailed Results:

Facebook Campaigns:

  • Achieved a 67% increase in ad spend over 3 months
  • Saw a significant 190% rise in conversion value
  • Elevated ROAS from 4.32 to an impressive 7.48

Google Campaigns:

  • Realised a 68% surge in ad spend over 6 months
  • Achieved an outstanding 510% increase in conversions
  • Delivered a substantial 530% increase in conversion value
  • Significantly improved ROAS from 1.86 to a remarkable 7.28

Overall Revenue Growth:

  • Experienced a remarkable 4.4X increase in total revenue compared to the previous year


Visual Representation of Results

Below you can see a clear snapshot of the impressive results achieved by the Blue Sense Digital team for Newlyfe.


Total Revenue Over Time

The line graph shows the evolution of total revenue from January 2022 to July 31, 2023. BSD took over the account at the end of January 2023 – from this point onwards, Newlyfe experienced record revenue numbers.


Monthly Revenue Comparison

This bar chart compares the total revenue for the corresponding months in 2022 and 2023. You can see a substantial surge in revenue in 2023 after BSD took over the account.


Google Holistic Performance

This line graph shows us Google’s overall performance from January 2022 to August 1st, 2023. You can see that conversions, cost, conversion value and conversion value/cost continue to grow after BSD’s involvement from the end of January 2022.

The above line graphs, while looking similar, look at the same 6-month timeframe of Google’s overall performance. From January 2022 to July 2022, ROAS stood at 0.67. However, within the same 6-month period, BSD increased ROAS to a record number of 6.46. 


Spend and Conversion Value

The line graph visually represents the performance of Facebook campaigns from November 2022 to July 2023. The graph highlights the correlation between BSD’s involvement and the substantial increase in conversion value despite a similar ad spend.


“5 STARS is simply not enough!! From the moment we onboarded we knew we were in safe hands! In 2 short months, the team completely changed our business! Their expertise, professionalism, dedication and communication are second to none! They understood our brand from day 1 and the results have been simply mind-blowing! We couldn’t be happier!”

 – Nat Dwyer


Date Range : 
January 25th, 2023 to Present
Facebook Metrics (Comparative Analysis)
  • Ad Spend Increase
  • Conversion Value Increase
  • ROAS Before BSD
  • ROAS After BSD
Google Metrics (Comparative Analysis)
  • Previous 6 Months
  • Ad Spend
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Value
  • ROAS
  • Previous 6 Months
  • Ad Spend
$7,440.00 (68% increase)
  • Conversions
407 (510% Increase)
  • Conversion Value
$53,800.00 (530% Increase)
  • ROAS
7.28 (790% Increase)
Total Revenue (Comparative Analysis)
  • Feb-Aug 2022
  • Feb-Aug 2023 (Under BSD's management)
  • Overall Increase
Geographic Location : 
Primarily Australia, focusing on domestic travellers within the state
Key Observations
Noteworthy growth in both Facebook and Google sales, conversion value, and ROAS.
A clear shift in marketing approach targeting domestic travellers led to an instrumental increase in conversions.
Engagement with a previously untapped market (caravan and camping community) brought forth impressive results.



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