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Part&Parcel’s Revenue Skyrockets to $62k/month with Blue Sense Digital

From $10k to $62k monthly revenue: How Blue Sense Digital's strategic campaigns transformed Part&Parcel's performance in just over a year.

Executive Summary

Part&Parcel is an online organic marketplace in the organic food industry, offering a diverse range of certified organic packaged foods, snacks, and household products.

Confronted with challenges in achieving their desired ROAS and CPA due to tight margins and an extensive product catalogue, they sought external expertise. Blue Sense Digital partnered with Part&Parcel, introducing targeted strategies and maintaining consistent communication.

In just over a year, our collaboration led to a transformative uplift in their ad performance and revenue metrics.


Part&Parcel, despite its vast organic product range, faced the uphill task of maintaining profitability amidst tight margins and the complexities of optimizing for a huge array of products.

  • Slim Margins: Their decision to offer products at the best possible prices led to incredibly low margins, making it challenging to maintain a profitable ROAS and breakeven CPA at $30.
  • Cash Flow Constraints: The low margins restricted the cash flow necessary to scale their account and campaigns.
  • Diverse Product Range: With over 1000 products, all priced low, finding an efficient campaign optimization strategy was daunting. No single product or group showed distinct performance advantages, leading to a levelling effect that further complicated campaign prioritization.


Recognizing the challenges faced by Part&Parcel, the Blue Sense Digital team acted swiftly with innovative strategies to harness their vast product range and tight margins, turning potential weaknesses into strengths.

  • Consolidation of Campaigns: We trimmed down their multiple campaigns, creating a single Performance Max Campaign complemented by a Brand Search Campaign. This consolidation allowed for a healthier spend-to-asset ratio and more efficient campaign optimization.
  • Systematic PMax Campaign Structure: Initiating the PMax campaign from scratch, we adopted a systematic approach. Starting with 5 consolidated asset groups, we gradually expanded, introducing 2-3 new, more segmented asset groups monthly, tailored around top-performing individual product categories.
  • Comprehensive Facebook Testing: Our strategy also emphasized extensive testing on Facebook, encompassing campaign structure, interest targeting, creative and copy testing. We doubled down on structures that showed promise, adjusting the focus based on performance metrics.

Open and Regular Communication: Ensuring that strategies aligned with Part&Parcel’s brand vision, we established a robust communication regimen. Daily written updates on Slack, regular video performance updates, and fortnightly strategic Zoom calls bridged our strategic expertise with the client’s brand insights.

🚀 Results

In partnership with Blue Sense Digital, Part&Parcel experienced a transformation in their campaign performance, growing their revenue streams and making a striking impression in the organic marketplace.

  • Ad Spend Amplified: We managed to increase their ad spend from $450/month to $12,900/month, all while maintaining profitability.
  • Consistent ROAS & CPA: Even with the escalated ad spend, we maintained a ROAS of over 3 and kept the CPA below the crucial $30 mark.
  • Impressive Revenue Growth: Google Ads attributed revenue made a leap from $10k/month to $62k/month. More impressively, backend store revenue grew from $30k/month to a staggering $220k/month.
  • Cost-Efficiency in Brand Search: The average cost per click (avgCPC) for Brand Search dramatically reduced by about 20x, going from $0.8 to just $0.04.
  • Client Satisfaction: Beyond the numbers, Part&Parcel expressed gratitude for the high levels of care, proactivity, and commitment displayed throughout the collaboration.

Visual Insights

A picture paints a thousand words – see the real results through our charts:

Google Ads Dashboard Overview Line chart tracking conversions, conversion value/cost, overall cost, and conversion value from February 2022 to August 2023, highlighting our campaign’s progress.


Backend Revenue Growth Comparison The solid line shows revenue growth after our involvement from April 12, 2022, while the dotted line represents the period before we joined. This contrast clearly demonstrates the positive change in backend revenue.


Hearing directly from our partners, Part&Parcel:

“I have been working with Nathan and Sebastian for six months and only have positive words to share. Experts offering a guiding hand who also listen exceptionally well. You will feel heard, understood, and assured. Our business benefited from a rapid performance improvement and continues to grow each month.”

–– Darren Ford, [title], Part&Parcel


Date Range : 
12 April 2022 - Present
Ad Spend : 
Skyrocketed from a modest $450/month to a robust $12,900/month
Average Cost Per Lead (CPA) : 
Impressively held under $30
Consistently impressive at over 3
Google Ads Attributed Revenue : 
Soared from $10k/month to a whopping $62k/month
Backend Store Revenue : 
Witnessed a phenomenal jump from $30k/month to $220k/month



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