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Speedcube Achieves 319% ROAS Uplift with Blue Sense Digital

With Blue Sense Digital's help, Speedcube revamped their ads, boosting conversions and revenue in less than two years.

Executive Summary

Speedcube is Australia’s Premium Speedcube Superstore, specializing in top-tier speed cubes and accessories from brands like Gan Cube, QiYi, MoYu, and Speedstacks. Speedcube was grappling with outdated campaigns, growth limitations, optimization issues, and rising competition. They had tried different conversion objectives, marketing angles, and influencer partnerships, but their efforts fell short amid growing competition.

When they reached out to Blue Sense Digital, we quickly streamlined their campaigns, optimized targeted ads, introduced innovative campaign tactics, and created a unified cross-platform strategy. 

Since our partnership began in February 2022, we’ve made significant strides, and Speedcube has seen dramatic improvements in their key metrics.


Speedcube faced several challenges that were impeding their growth trajectory and diminishing their return on investment. These included:

  • Outdated Campaigns: Existing advertising strategies were fragmented, consuming resources without delivering proportional results.
  • Growth Limitations: The structure of their ad account posed scalability challenges.
  • Optimization Missteps: Some advertising content missed its mark, not resonating with the intended audience due to fragmented campaigns.
  • Intense Competition: A surge in competitors resulted in increasing ad costs and diminishing ROI.

Each of these hurdles limited Speedcube’s potential, impacting their digital reach and potential expansion opportunities.


To help Speedcube overcome their challenges, Blue Sense Digital put forward and applied several solutions:

  • Campaign Strategy Refinement: Merged various campaigns into focused strategies.
  • Targeted Ad Optimization: Made ads more relevant by aligning them with main products and watching competitor trends.
  • Innovative Campaign Initiatives: Rolled out new, well-tested campaigns.
  • Unified Cross-Platform Strategy: Combined strategies for Google and Meta for a stronger online presence.

Our aim was simple: get Speedcube growing and profitable again.

🚀 Results

With Blue Sense Digital’s help, Speedcube saw impressive changes in their campaign outcomes and overall performance. Here’s a breakdown of what we achieved together:

  • Project Duration: Started on 14 February 2022 and ongoing.
  • ROAS: Jumped to 7.38, a 319% boost.
  • Increased Ad Spending: Grew by 163% to reach $111k, but with better returns.
  • High Conversion Value: Reached a value of $821k, up by 1,024%.
  • Better Engagement: Gained 244k clicks, an 81% increase.


These results highlight the big strides Speedcube has made in the market, thanks to our collaborative efforts.

Visual Insights

This chart offers a clear view of Speedcube’s progress since partnering with us.

Comparing Google Ad campaign metrics from 14 Feb 2022 – 14 Aug 2023 to the previous period, significant gains in Clicks, Conversion Value, and ROAS stand out.


Date range : 
14/02/2022 - Today
Ad Spend : 
$111k (up $69.7k or 163%)
Conversions : 
18.5k (up 3.52k or 24%)
Geographic location : 
Average cost per lead : 
7.38 (up 5.62 or 319%)
Clicks : 
244k (up 109k or 81%)



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