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Ads Transformed: Superior Hair Boosts ROAS 3.6x with Blue Sense Digital

From 8th July to 6th August 2023, Blue Sense Digital and Superior Hair AU teamed up, exceeding ROAS targets and doubling revenue with a refined Google Ads approach.

Executive Summary

Superior Hair AU is a respected name in the Hair Extensions industry, having provided 100% real human hair extensions for over two decades. Originating from NZ, they’ve made a mark, but recently faced challenges with their Google Ads. With a ROAS of just 2.22, and previous strategies like PMax assets and standard campaigns not delivering, they were in a bind. This is where Blue Sense Digital stepped in. Focusing on Superior Hair’s mainstay products, ‘Ready to wear’ and ‘Semi-permanent extensions’, we restructured their campaigns. The collaboration began on the 19th of May, and the transformation in their Google Ads performance since then has pushed their ROAS to an impressive 5.82.


Despite Superior Hair AU’s long-standing experience, they hit a rough patch with their Google Ads performance. Their main issue? An unsatisfactory return on investment from their advertising campaigns.

Specific problems they faced:

  • A disappointing account-wide ROAS of 2.22 over a 30-day period
  • ROAS falling significantly short of their break-even point of 5
  • PMax assets split by audience signals failed to deliver desired results
  • Standard search campaign generating a minimal ROAS of 0.38
  • Standard shopping campaign yielding a ROAS of only 1.64
  • Overpayment for branded search clicks by a staggering 10x factor


With these challenges in mind, Blue Sense Digital took a hands-on approach to overhaul their Google Ads performance. Our strategy was centred around a deep understanding of the brand’s valuable products and tailoring the campaigns to resonate with their target audience.

Specific actions we took:

  • Robust Asset Groups: Developed two robust asset groups dedicated to Superior Hair AU’s two primary product categories: ‘Ready to wear’ and ‘Semi-permanent extensions’
  • Audience Signal Stacks: Constructed full audience signal stacks without inter-audience testing, ensuring a laser-focused targeting strategy
  • Campaign Reallocation: Paused the underperforming Search and Shopping campaigns, reallocating the budget into the primary PMax campaign for better results
  • Bid Strategy Modification: Switched the branded campaign to a Target Impression Share (TIS) bid strategy. This strategic move dropped the average CPC from $1.57 to just $0.15. Even with a slight 20% drop in click volume, ROAS soared from 6.69 to a whopping 261 – a staggering 3,803% increase

Continuous Collaboration: Engaged in regular discussions to pinpoint products within the focused categories that could be paused due to low sales yet significant ad spend, ensuring efficiency

🚀 Results

After our collaboration, Superior Hair AU experienced a remarkable turnaround in their Google Ads performance. 

Not only did they overcome the challenges of their previously underperforming campaigns, but they also experienced substantial improvements in their key performance metrics.

Tangible results delivered:

  • Significant ROAS Increase: From a struggling 2.22, they achieved an impressive ROAS of 5.82, surpassing their break-even target
  • Budget Efficiency: Monthly ad spend was reduced from $5k to $4k, saving resources without compromising on results
  • Revenue Boost: Google Ads generated revenue saw a substantial increase, going from $10.9k/month to $23.6k/month, translating to a $12.6k monthly increase
  • Conversions Uplift: The number of conversions rose from 52.5 to 92, marking a solid improvement in user engagement and purchase actions
  • Cost-Effective Branding: The average cost for branded search clicks was slashed dramatically, ensuring they didn’t overspend on their own brand name
  • Continuous Engagement: The collaboration, which started on the 19th of May, continues to yield positive outcomes, indicating sustainable long-term results

These results show how working together, Superior Hair AU and Blue Sense Digital made the most out of a smart Google Ads strategy.

Visual Proof: Google Ads Performance Graph

Below, you’ll find a detailed screenshot from Google Ads showing a line graph of our performance metrics.
The graph clearly shows the difference between the old campaigns and what Blue Sense Digital achieved. In simple terms, more clicks, more sales, and better use of the budget for Superior Hair AU.



“Having collaborated with numerous digital marketing professionals across Australasia, Blue Sense truly stands out! From our initial conversation with Sebastian, it was evident that this team was genuinely committed on scaling us as a small business starting out in Australia without any ulterior motives.

With Ryan and Nathan steering our Ad accounts, the progress we’ve seen in a few short months surpasses what we achieved with a previous agency over half a year. Their meticulous and well-thought-out approach is evident in the results.

Communication and reporting with Blue Sense are streamlined and efficient. They employ tools that ensure both our teams are synchronised, eliminating the frequent check-ins often required with other agencies. Moreover, the insights and recommendations from Blue Sense are invaluable and have already made a significant impact on our business.

We’re lucky to have partnered with such a proficient team at Blue Sense. If you’re contemplating working with them and have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Highly recommended!” – Jackie Mackenzie


Date Range : 
08/07/23 - 06/08/23 (compared to 15/04/23 - 15/05/023)
Ad Spend : 
$4,057 (previously $4,963)
Conversions : 
92 (up from 52.5)
Geographic Location : 
Average CPC : 
Increased to $1.39 from $1.20 account-wide
Generated Revenue : 
$23,601 (a notable jump from $10,998)
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) : 
5.82 (previously 2.22)



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