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The Net Return Australia’s 94% Revenue Surge with Blue Sense Digital

In under six months, Blue Sense Digital helped The Net Return grow sales by a staggering 94% thanks to refreshed, strategic ad campaigns.

Executive Summary

The Net Return Australia, a key player in the world of golf and sporting goods, is known for their custom golf practice nets, simulators, and accessories. Faced with campaign troubles, mixed-up targeting, and difficulty reaching the right cold audience, they were at a roadblock. Even after trying different search and shopping campaigns on Google as well as different targeting on Facebook, they weren’t getting the results they needed. That’s when they teamed up with Blue Sense Digital. Fast forward six months, and their sales shot up by an impressive 94%. Let’s dive into exactly how we helped The Net Return reach these results.


The Net Return needed to overcome the challenge of scaling performance on their Google and Meta campaigns. More specifically, they had the following problems:

  • Campaign Fragmentation: Their Google campaigns, specifically the shopping and Performance Max campaigns, were scattered and lacked consolidation, hindering optimisation and overall performance
  • Inaccurate Segmentation: The product range within their PMax campaigns wasn’t segmented effectively, leading to suboptimal retargeting sequences
  • Misaligned Targeting: The campaign objectives on Meta didn’t align with the company’s goals, resulting in inefficient campaign performance

Emphasis Imbalance: The focus was disproportionately skewed towards awareness-building, neglecting cold audience targeting with high purchase intent


When challenges pop up, smart solutions step in. 

The Blue Sense Digital team rolled up its sleeves to tackle The Net Return Australia’s issues head-on. Through clever campaign merging, focused product grouping, smarter objectives, and a shift in focus, a powerful strategy emerged:

  • Strategic Consolidation: Blue Sense Digital unified fragmented campaigns, streamlining Google shopping and PMax campaigns to enhance optimisation
  • Precise Segmentation: A systematic PMax campaign restructuring ensured accurate asset group separation, optimising retargeting channels
  • Targeted Objectives: On Meta, campaigns were realigned with business goals to maximise campaign performance
  • Holistic Emphasis: A shift towards direct cold audience targeting with purchase intent was introduced, supplementing awareness efforts

The action-steps we took to realise those actions included:

  • Consolidated PMax and shopping into a single Performance Max Campaign, supplemented by a Brand Search Campaign to prevent overinflated results
  • Methodically restructured PMax campaigns, minimising changes and optimising efficiency
  • Segmentated the product range into 4 asset groups within PMax, optimising spend to asset ratios
  • Launched low-budget Cold Targeting Dynamic and Manual Search Campaigns for missed high-performing terms
  • Restructured Meta campaigns with a focus on testing and performance-based structures
  • Introduced conversion-driven retargeting on Meta to address customer hesitations

🚀 Results

Now for the exciting part – the numbers that tell the success story of The Net Return and Blue Sense Digital’s partnership. Thanks to a refreshed, methodical approach to Meta and Google advertising, The Net Return experienced a 94% revenue surge as well as the following:

  • Revenue Surge: The backend revenue soared by an impressive 94%
  • Enhanced PPC ROAS: Despite a 26% increase in PPC ad spend, the ROAS grew by 36%
  • Increased Conversions: Conversions shot up by a substantial 66%
  • Expanded Sales: Total PPC-attributed revenue saw a remarkable increase of 71%

Success in Visuals: Total Sales Over Time

We can see the sales journey towards success that The Net Return experienced after partnering with BSD in March. The solid line shows total sales after partnering with us, while the dotted line shows total sales before our involvement. 


Date Range : 
First 3 Months
Ad Spend : 
Increased by 26%
Conversions : 
Experienced a 66% increase



The Net Return is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer.

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